Personal Training

One-on-One Personal Training

There’s just no doubt that having a 1 on 1 coach is the quickest way to reach your specific health and fitness aspirations. This means having a dedicated trainer to ensure every second of your time spent in the gym is yielding the best possible Return On Investment! **Sessions starting at $55.00 (Call today to book your first session for FREE!)
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women's training

Women’s Personal Training

We specialize in women’s personal training! Your workouts are tailored to your specific needs and abilities in a high-energy, high-accountability environment built around you and your team’s synergy.

Men’s Personal Training

We are comprised of the most well-rounded fitness leaders in the area. All trainers on staff share the same values and passion for changing lives. We value our relationships with our clients and believe it is one of the most important aspects of what we offer.

men's training
elderly weight training

Senior Training

 As individuals age, staying mentally and physically active becomes increasingly important for maintaining overall well-being. Training programs tailored to seniors can encompass a variety of activities, including cognitive exercises, physical fitness routines, and technological proficiency workshops.

Kids Training

Introducing kids to weight training, when done with proper supervision and age-appropriate guidelines, can be a valuable component of their overall physical development. Structured weight training programs for children, under the guidance of qualified instructors, can help enhance muscular strength, coordination, and bone density.

kids training
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Free Consultation

We conduct a free consultation with every client and ensure a thorough assessment and evaluation to help you develop a customized fitness and nutrition program. Your consultation will identify, evaluate and assess your goals, medical history, past obstacles, current diet, exercise history, and much more.

Gym Membership Options

Option 1:

Open Gym – Base: $45.00 Per Month

Alpha Base provides a gym membership in a private underground setting for an excellent gym experience. This membership option gives you access to train in our private gym.

Option 2:

Alpha + Class: $120.00 Per Month

Designed to provide intense workouts, Alpha + is a unique membership that offers an open gym membership and up to 6 Bootcamp classes per month at our scheduled class times.

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